Actor Kope Makgae and his wife say I do

Generation: The legacy actor Kope Makgae is now a happy man. The actor is now off the market.

The entertainer from Johannesburg married Mpotseng, the love of his life, in a stunning wedding over the weekend. On Monday, April 1, Tswyza posted their memorable memories to his Instagram followers.

The actor expressed to the Daily Sun how wonderful it is to be with someone he truly loves. The wedding, he stated, took place at Pont de Val in Johannesburg.“It’s been a beautiful journey with its necessary challenges, but timing is everything. I’d like to withhold names to protect my family.It was a beautiful, intimate affair at the glamorous Pont de Val, no celebrities or media, just close friends and family,” he addedTswyza claimed that he adores the privacy of his romantic life.The actor declared that he is thrilled with all that God has given him.Tswyza responded that there is more in store for his followers when asked what was next for him.





“My message to young people is that they must put God first, turn pain into power, choose carefully. And always date for the right reasons,” he said.

“To the young people who look up to me, always know that time is an illusion. Spend it with those who make it worthwhile. Have room for human error to occur and keep it personal and private.”

“It’s a new year, new job, and a new single coming up. I’m also working on a new album, and it’s a beautiful new journey,” he said