A new baby’s hilarious facial expressions left social media

A video of a newborn baby making hilarious facial expressions went viral when it appeared on TikTok. The 4-day-old baby appeared to be utterly taken aback by the surroundings he must now live in.


With his TikTok video, the baby had viewers laugh till their sides hurt. The video was viewed over a million times in less than a day, and South Africans responded with funny comments.

Despite being less than a week old, this little bundle of joy has already become an internet sensation. His gestures are meme-worthy.In the clip posted by @panda42_kitty, the baby appears to be in deep thought, as if he’s shocked by the world he’s been born into. With its clever comments, the video garnered over a million views in less than a day, leaving fans in stitches.

@lebogangpkmoleko wrote: “This is not the family I ordered.”

@talaw mentioned: “He’s been here before. He was rich in his previous life.”

@Tshepang posted: “Bro is thinking about the economic state of the country.”

@Just_Nthabee stated: “He’s so stressed.”