Sepedi Traditional Wedding Dresses Designs 2019

Female adornment a journey from indigenous african traditional fashion to modern attire pedi traditional wedding dresses 2019 pedi south african wedding 3 pedi traditional wedding dresses joy studio design bride and groom in sepedi traditional wedding attire

Pedi traditional wear is synonymous with colour and vibrancy. The Pedi people, much like the Ndebele, are renowned for their bead work, designs and rich colours. Traditional outfits for women vary and can range from calf length skirts, pleated blouses and long voluminous dresses. Doeks or headscarfs also form part of the clothing. Common designs found on Pedi clothing includes; pleats, embroidery or ribbon trimmings. Beadwork is also big for this tribe and often accompanies traditional attire.

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Ndebele And Setswana Wedding dresses

erato and Paul kept their day purely traditional. From custom made dresses, matchstick boxes used as napkin holders to using the Detselane Cultural Village as their backdrop, they inspired and represented their cultures well. ENJOY!My top supplier has to be Exquisite Moments Photography. I had seen the amazing work they did at a friend’s wedding the previous year and decided I would definitely use their services for my wedding. My Décor was done by Lerato from Metro Tents. And since this was a traditional wedding, the DJ was one of my nephew’s friends. The catering was done by my sisters, my sister’s friends and the community



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Ndebele traditional wedding dresses

Morning Precious One! I hope your weekend was fun. It‘s getting colder every day here so I’m bracing myself for the dreaded British winter. You’d think after ten years of living here I’d be used to it by now. But every winter is terribly cold. I remember back in the years when we didn’t have children; I’d snuggle up with a hot chocolate and a good movie. Now that these little people are here, we have to go out and entertain them otherwise they’ll just tear the house down. This weekend, we took them to a play area in the middle of town. If I’m honest, I was bored while they were having fun but by the time we came back I started working on this Ndebele and Setswana wedding. It was like a welcomed ray of sunshine.





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Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas 2019

Do you want to quickly get catchy nails for Christmas? Curious about the hottest Christmas nail art design ideas that are presented for this year? There are many things that you have to do to welcome Christmas. You have to decorate your home to be able to celebrate this occasion and you also need to prepare yourself by choosing an amazing dress and elegant accessories that complement what you wear and suit this occasion. You have to pay attention to everything on this day even your nails. Choosing catchy nail art design ideas plays an important role in enhancing the elegance of your hands and increasing their beauty to the extent that you may not even need to wear expensive pieces of jewelry. Take a look at the following creative ideas to know how to get catchy nails and awesome hands.

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winter nail art Ideas new year 2019

New Years nail art can depend on the color of the dress, you can make a bright party nail designs with a pattern of New Year’s themes, or choose a neutral color, acceptable for a festive party and every day. It’s not difficult to choose nye nails, you just have to decide on the style, and my photos of new nail designs will help you do this!
Beautiful winter manicure with Christmas drawings. The perfect manicure will include drawings associated with the main winter even. New Year trees, Santa Claus, mandarins, gifts, Christmas toys – everything you wish. Also do not forget about the symbol of the coming year – Yellow Dog, which can also be used for drawing in New Year designs 2019;

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Matte Black Nail Designs for new 2019

your favorite shade of black nail polish. Then, you’ll just need acetone, a detail brush and a steady hand (matte black nail polish is unforgiving when it comes to mistakes). Plus, a little design inspo — which we can provide. From unexpectedly feminine designs to edgy-AF matte black nail art, keep reading to discover gorgeous matte black nail art in patterns, textures and color combos for every taste.


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zulu dresses south africa for 2019

The groom wears a covering made from calfskin in place of pants that is called ibheshu and pairs it with a traditional headband which is made from cow skin to complete the look. If the groom prefers pants, he can choose to wear umbhulaselo which are pants decorated with beads. The groom accessorizes using a small shield made from cow skin. Zulu traditional wedding attire Zulu traditional attire for wedding Zulu traditional wedding attire for bride

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Zulu traditional wedding dresses for new year 2019

Three things often stand out in African weddings: the food, the clothes, and the music or dance. Well, the Zulu, one of the largest tribes in South Africa, is no different. Songs, dancing, and an array of foods characterize Zulu traditional weddings. However, the Zulu traditional wedding attire worn by the bride and groom are the highlight of the day. Just like in modern ceremonies, Zulu couples try to look their best in colorful and vibrant traditional outfits.

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xhosa Wedding wear woman beautiful 2019

Talking about bridal fashion, I’ve noticed more and more of you are searching for Xhosa dresses on the blog. I thought I’d share some of the best Xhosa dresses I’ve seen around the web. Plus it has been quite a while since we’ve feasted on any African fashion especially Xhosa dresses. I must say it is so wonderful to be able to blog different kinds of bridal fashion here on Pure Wedding Blog. From New York to SA. We have the best of both worlds. Yay!!!

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Xhosa traditional wedding attire for 2019

Another wonderful wedding dress style that comes from South Africa is the one worn by Xhosa people. Even though they are roughly from the same region as Zulu, Xhosa’s wedding style could not be more different. We will not go into too much detail about the different parts of the traditional Xhosa dress, but we will mention a few common features. First, most dresses come in black and white. Second, they all feature interesting geometric designs, from simple parallel lines to intricate repeating shapes. The dress you see above is only a single example of a Xhosa dress, so we recommend you to look them up, because they are truly beautiful.

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