Top Irresistible Nautical Nail Designs 2019

It is always fun to travel in far-away places especially when you’re onboard on a boat. Unless you have seasickness, travelling at sea sometimes create a serenity that only the waves and the smell of the ocean can produce.

However, travelling through the vast seas entails a lot of skill and experience as the ocean is not that friendly sometimes. In order to navigate the seas safely and efficiently, a few known tools are in set in place. Overall, sea travel is an overwhelming experience that a lot of people gets fascinated by all things associated with it.

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Perfect Seashell Nail Designs for 2019

Summer may have ended already but that does not stop us from having to experience what the season brings and have the things that give meaning to it. Especially in art where time is and memories are preserved, concepts that speak summer knows no bounds.

Today’s nail design theme always speaks so much of summer. The designs selected are so specific and beautiful that once you see one, you will feel the breeze and the waves of the sea. That’s right folks, the design theme for today is something that can be found on the sands and that is the seashell. Seashells come in different shapes and sizes. How seashells are formed is nothing less than amazing and its purpose is much more than making a sea creature beautiful. So beautiful that nail art is dying to be its avid fan.

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Stunning Floral Wave Nail Art in 2019

Nail art has always been associated with fashion especially when it shows off designs that lean towards what women want. Because of this obvious connotation and target, nail artists nowadays are challenged to innovate design all the time, merge techniques or totally create new ones.

Today, we get to see a design theme that combines the fluidity of lines and the artistry of flowers. Floral wave nail art is becoming trendy especially because it goes with any season and any color combinations. Specific flower designs are sequences in a wave pattern to fill up nail spaces creating a complete design concept that tantalizes the public eyes.


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Cute Whimsical Celestial Nails Ideas 2019

Even with ever-expanding knowledge of the world, human still recognizes the mystery of space. Space is the final frontier and the beauty of the heavens is something we always desire and we always want to know.

As for the known universe, art perpetuates it. A lot of art media and techniques have a portfolio of designs that showcase the celestials. Just like these nail art samples we have in store for you guys today, these are all about the outer space. Subjects like moons, stars, comets, and planets make up some of the best celestial nail arts out there.


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new Timeless Classy Nail Designs 2019

Nail art has always been considered to be an augmentation to human fashion, which makes it classy by definition. However, among the default classy and trendy nail art designs out there, there are a few that stands on top of everyone one else, which now makes them the classiest of the classies.

Classy nail art mostly deals with clean neutrals with a hint of bling. A few of this simple yet irresistible designs are a flesh-colored base with patterned glitters on top or a black base with white patterns. There are also designs with metallic outlines bordering sparkles over a sophisticated shade of greens and blues.

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Top African Men’s Wear African 2019

So its another new week and we present you some new African wear for mens, new African dress styles for men this 2018 July. As many of you look for things like African mens wear, attire and all, we are here to update you with new sets of African clothing for men this third week of July 2019, we are going to show you latest African prints, attires and styles for men cutting across fabrics like Agbada, Ankara and more.. So lets check this out!

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Fantastic Hairstyles For African Black Women

It’s about time we start talking more about fashion here on TINA Magazine. And yeah.. Today it’s all about the women. So our ladies we know sometimes it can be hard to choose an hairstyle so we’ve got some new and interesting styles you may have never tried.

If you are having trouble choosing, check out some pictures and guides of the latest hairstyles Across Africa gathered from several African countries, tribes, And the black community So you know they are not all African Hairstyles. And do not doubt: there is certainly something you will love!


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Hot Artsy Nail Art Design for 2019

The limited and weird space that a nail provides does not limit nail artists to render their unique and astonishing works. There are a lot and bottomless options for classic and simple nail art designs that are available in almost all of the portfolios of nail artists out there but only a few offers the most ambitious ones. So ambitious that the art itself is challenged and achieved creating masterpieces that awe the eyes of the public.



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