“I don’t have a daughter-in-law. I disowned Ayanda a long time ago

It never rains but pours for reality TV star Ayanda Ncwane. Despite being one of the most celebrated TV personalities, she has had her fair share of drama, from royalty woes to a nasty fallout with her in-laws.

Ayanda Ncwane is making headlines after Sfiso Ncwane’s mother, Fikile, decided to cut ties with her.


Despite Sfiso Ncwane dying seven years ago, her widow and mother have often taken a swipe at each other over the years. Against those woes, Sfiso Ncwane’s mother has decided to disown her daughter-in-law.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a daughter-in-law. I disowned Ayanda a long time ago, but now I am making it official. I took that decision when she brought the police into my home, accusing me of ill-treating and attacking her,” said Fikile.

To make matters worse, she revealed that she disowned her years ago but had to make it official. Their woes date back to 2015 after they hogged headlines for the wrong reasons. Sfiso Ncwane’s mother accused Sifiso in the media of not caring for her.

However, in the backdrop of the accusations, Sifiso and Ayanda hit back and accused Sfiso Ncwane’s mother of witchcraft. Confirmed reports have it that Ayanda Ncwane last saw her mother-in-law in 2016 in the backdrop of her husband’s death.

Their interaction was nasty, and Sfiso Ncwane’s family was even barred from the service, according to reports.

Speaking to the media, Sfiso Ncwane’s mother, Fikile, said: “She went as far as applying for a protection order against me. I took that as a sign of her rejecting me as a mother-in-law,” said Fikile Ncwanw.

“The last time I saw Ayanda was in December 2016 at Sfiso’s funeral. Even then, our interaction was not a pleasant one, there was too much fighting. But most importantly, I was angry because I only saw Sfiso’s body for a few minutes, and I didn’t like what I saw,” she added.