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Nice Gothic Living Room Designs

A Gothic room is usually refined and may seem gloomy to some people – but that’s not true! A Gothic living room can be colorful, bright and whimsy in case you think over the details carefully. How to design one properly and make it chic and breathtaking?

Colors And Styles

A Gothic living room doesn’t mean only black, you can use various colors from dark chocolate to bright red. You can choose a more refined variant with black and white walls, red accessories and deep purple, or a more modern design with some beautiful gloomy wall mural, bright or pale furniture, minimalist accessories.  A black living room can be completed with jewel-tone furniture and accessories, a monochromatic grey and black living room will create a very moody feel.



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Modern Tropical Bathroom Décor Ideas

If you love hot tropical locations, if you enjoy vacations there or even live there, you can bring those vibes to your home ,too. What about having a tropical inspired bathroom? A tropical bathroom provides a spa-like experience and to create such an interior in your bathroom you needn’t much – sometimes just a few touches are enough to create a mood.


A tropical bathroom can be any: neutral, colorful, moody and so on. The colors that are most often used in such a space are emerald, pink, fuchsia, gold and black, you can go with various shades of them adding what you like. A tropical bathroom can be modern, vintage, glam, retro, contemporary and even minimalist, it’s totally up to you, what style you take.

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Autumn Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom


Inspiring Bedroom Decorating Ideas In Fall Colors

In fall it’s so difficult to wake up – the weather itself wants you to stay in bed: when the rain is knocking at the windows, it’s so cozy to stay asleep. A fall bedroom should be very cozy and at the same time stimulate you to get up. Fall colors are amazing for doing this – red, orange, green and beige are cool to see them in the morning. To make the space cozier, the designers choose fall patterns and warm materials: wooden accessories – wood make it warmer, woolen bedspreads, knitted pillows. For a vintage fall look not traditional autumn colors may be chosen but lighter ones, though adding fall plants and birch bark accessories will make the space fall-like. Fall bedding and bedspreads will help you to create the atmosphere. Wake up every morning and enjoy the design!

Muted/Neutral Fall Bedrooms

If you love muted and neutral colors, go for fall neutrals like beige, light and olive green, shades of brown, mustard, rust and muted shades of burgundy, purple and various greys. Spruce up your bedroom with patterns or just a couple of bright touches of the colors that you’ve already used. White and creamy will refresh the look creating a chic neutral fall bedroom.


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