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The Best African Outfits for Women

They say, “all good things come to an end.” Today, I’m sharing the  African outfits I wore from my days of African fashion series in on epic roundup post for your convenience.
This was the first time that I’ve ever worked on a series of this magnitude. It has been an exciting process from the conception of the idea, to getting all 30 best African print clothing, to shooting each look in the heart of Alaska’s winter (think subzero degree weather).
Working with a diverse group of talented African attire designers gave me the opportunity to take a peek into the lives of the creative entrepreneurs and the love they endear towards the creation of phenomenal African wax pieces.
I sure put my photographer, SNH Photos, to the test. We shot 10 outfits from morning to late afternoon on one day we had nicer winter weather. I had to warm up during outfit changes, which stretched out our shoot. But he was a trooper
I might be a little biased, but I think these are the  best African outfits I’ve seen in a while ?


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African Short Dresses Gown Styles 2019

African is a very beautiful clothing material and one of the most patronized in African fashion industry. It is famous for its adaptability of styles hence offers opportuinities to creative designers who wish to experiment on new styles.You want to rock the best and most unique of African short gown style? You want want to rock the best designs 2019 has to offer? We have selected stunning African short gown styles that will shock your fashion sense. These short gown styles can be rocked to events where one wishes to be free like parties and peer events.

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Beautiful African Family ? we will love

Is there anything looking sweater than matching mother and child African styles? Some would say it is too tritely or even irritating. Here are some mother and son matching African outfits and mum and daughter African styles that will make you change your mind.
There are different variations of matching attire. You can find mummy and daughter styles, which are exactly identical: same materials, same models, same pretty look, same accessories, and even hairstyles.
This mom and daughter in dresses with bright floral patterns look like posing on a red carpet.

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Traditional Dresses: South African 2019

This can be followed back to the reestablished feeling of pride in one’s self because of our age’s on-going voyage into self-disclosure. Not to state that the pattern is new, all things considered, Stone Cherry pioneered the pattern on a mass scale yet Stone Cherry’s tasteful is an indication of the period it has a place withis such a great amount about this maxi dress that shouts chic, retro-glitz. The fold over neck area and one of a kind short sleeve length combined with the shading punch waistline empowers the spirit! Regardless of whether you’re going to a wedding, the races, gathering or exceptional occasion, this eye-getting dress will guarantee that you generally look and feel the part. Including dynamic colorways that have turned out to be synonymous with African plan, this eye-getting African Print Dinefa Maxi Dress likewise includes a zipper at the back, secured in midsection and high neck area. Furthermore, for included effect, keep in mind to group with executioner heels, a striking lip and proclamation studs.

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Umembeso With The Bride In attire 2019

The Umembeso ceremony is one of the traditions that form part of the Zulu wedding process. This usually happens after the ilobolo has been paid, and it involves the goom and his family bringing gifts to the bride’s family.
The standard procedure involves the in-laws arriving at the house of the bride and gathering outside the gate with gifts, as a way to thank the family. Singing and dancing to traditional Zulu marriage songs “ukusina” are also takes place while awaiting entry inside. In order for the ceremony to start, a small group of the in-laws are sent into the house to retrieve the bride or alternatively, the bride’s father brings her outside.

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ModrenTraditional Xhosa Wedding 2019

Modern Traditional Xhosa Wedding With A Modern Twist Deciding on the theme was easy for us. We knew from the get go that we wanted to represent our Xhosa culture in a modern way hence we named the Theme: Traditional meets Modern. We had a modern elegant look in the morning then a proper traditionalIt was also my 26th Birthday so the entire day was absolutely beautiful. My family woke me up with a birthday song, wishing me well on my birthday and new marriage journey. My mom, helped in dressing me and that was special as it reminded both of us of the precious moments we’ve had while I was growing up being her only daughter.

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classy Zulu Bridal Shoot Image 2019

Have you ever considered a bridal shoot? Or in this case a Zulu bridal shoot. I think apart from snap me pretty I’m the first wedding blogger to feature a Zulu bridal shoot with the focus ONLY on the bride. And it’s such a treat. This type of shoot is not just exclusive to brides who weren’t happy with their pictures but to those of you are still planning.I’m not against white wedding bridal shoots, I enjoy them too. However you rarely see traditional African styled shoots and I know for sure that there are at least  traditional weddings happening in Gauteng every weekend let alone the whole of South Africa. That is where Bontle comes in. My aim is to give traditional weddings a platform because they’re nothing short of glorious and should get the press they deserve.



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Best Gele images for Mondays 2019

Let’s talk about the head wrap; the all so famous gele – a term used for scarf in the Yoruba kingdom. Ever taken time to check out the way Yoruba Movies are created to express how time was before hand? Have you noticed that many women have their scarfs tied differently. If you noticed this then you are in tune. In the past especially in the Yoruba kingdom, wearing a scarf in a certain way meant you were in the prominent family or not. The way your scarf was tied was a reflection of your background.


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Gele Styles for Ladies new 2019

When was the last time you took your head-wrap to the next level? Some of us have not used head-wrap because we are not comfortable with it. However, when you want to make an impression without looking out of place, you can go for Gele. Gele has made a come-back from the 80s styles to the modern day style We have seen the way many ladies recreate the tying of Gele to something cute. On Mondays, we are always in hurry to be in our workplace. While we are ready to kick start the new week, a touch of Gele can be the fashion statement you need to make.

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South African Traditional Wedding Attires 2019

y South African couturier Tuelo Nguyuza made exclusively for the occasion – perfectly complemented with locally made, bold neckpieces & accessories by the talented Pichulik. The fashionable bride then later changed into her second couture dress – an exquisite Gert-Johan Coetzee crimson floor length gown! The dinner table tops were customised with a traditional African print running along the centre, together with uniquely styled wooden elements, King Proteas and soft florals.

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