Asavela Mqokiyana headed hunting with her pack of dogs .

There are some things once they are embedded in you, you will never change them. That’s why we had rapper KO in his verse on Caracara saying that:”you can take me out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of me.” Which is true, you will remain who are even in the midst of the changes.


You never lose sight of who you are if you remain true to yourself. One thing about Abomama actress Asavela Mqokiyana is that she loves being a farm girl and living in the rural villages. Anyone who knows her knows that she loved farming and her animals.

The Durban Gen actress balances her farm and urban area lives so well. She shared pictures of herself and her dogs. She has on a hunting weapon hanged on her shoulder. Her fans couldn’t stop laughing and gushing at her. Well it seems hunting season is here.