Zulu says ” I don’t see Ace and Supra supporting Zuma, because Zuma endorse Nkosazana” See Reply

I didn’t see Ace Magashule and Supra supporting Zuma yesterday. Is this the indication that both of them are gatvol with Zuma for endorsing Nkosazana?

Zuma personally is no longer interested in them, their term in office has expired Carl is also off, but again I think Zuma has realized their need to him is insufficient, But Zuma is facing serious charges himself. How can he support himself to be elected to be National Chairperson?


You are right. Their usefulness to JZ has come to an end and now being discarded like used condoms. Typical narcissistic behavior. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Zuma advertised himself and his ex-wife to branches and said nothing about Segobela Elias Magashule. It is only now that they see Zuma doesn’t compromise, he is there for the Zulus; hence Carl Niehaus has to give way to a Zulu man. They dodged the embarrassment of having to give right of way to Siboniso Duma like Carl Niehaus was subjected to. They are on the ground mobilizing, I dnt know what they are mobilizing, but they are mobilizing, You could be on to something here. Furthermore, it could be Zuma’s decision to bait a nomination for Chairman. They might be put off by Zuma’s selfishness. The KZN ANC didn’t consider either one of them, their support for Zuma was a ticket to the @MYANC December elective conference. Trust me, they’re now busy exploring other avenues. Tension between the old guard and young Turks ongoing

Not content with an RET faction, Ace and Mkize are looking at new ways of funding their lifestyles.

The ANC exists in name only.