Zulu people explain how many of this on Kabza’ s hand must one have see people react see comments

Kabelo Petrus Motha (born November 27, 1992) is a South African DJ and record producer, popularly known as Kabza De Small. He is a major figure in the amapiano genre of house music. Aside from his solo career, Motha is a member of the Scorpion Kings. Motha gained international recognition after the release of “Umshove”, in 2018.

As people we have different beliefs and in most cases it’s known that black people believe in traditional things like ancestors for example, and if you believe in ancestors there things that needs to be done like slaughtering an animal once in a while to honour the ancestors. And Kabza de small is one of those people who believes in ancestors. Now people have been asking questions about the bracelet animal skin on Kabza de small hands wrists and this has got a lot of people talking as they don’t understand how is it that every time Kabza de small is seen with a new bracelet of an animal skin on his wrist.




A picture of Kabza de small was shared on social media on the picture he is seen sharing a meal with kwesta, and people noticed something that got people talking as they wanted to understand why is it that he has so many animal skins on his wrists below is the picture shared on social media.

This got people asking questions as they started saying Kabza is not Zulu and they don’t understand why does he have to many of those things on his wrists, but some people say each hand belongs to one parent. Meaning one hand is from the mother’s side and the other hand is from the father’s side, they say this explains why Kabza has so manu animal skins on his hands.

They also added that the reason why he has so many of them is probably because each one of them has a meaning or this means everytime he goes home he slaughter an animal to thank the ancestors for every good thing that they do for him in his life.

But some people are saying Kabza is over doing things. There is no need for all this animal skin on his hand. People need to understand that as people we do things for different reasons, and people don’t know why Kabza is having all these animal skin on his wrists and we can’t judge him for that.