Zulu King Criticized For Living In A Fancy House Away From Farm Royal House

It’s my house’, says Zulu King over drama about posh Pongola house he stays in

Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini has denied allegations that he is in the pockets of businesspeople, it has been revealed that this is one of those cases where the king was given a mansion by people who have a lot of money but he insists that this is not the case.

The luxury house in the South Africa-Eswatini border town of Pongola belongs to him, this is the same house which was associated with a particular business person it is believed that he is the rightful owner of the house.




It is also believed that he might have been responsible for handing over the home to the king for reasons unknown, perhaps it is having to do with the fact that the business person might be looking for favours in return that important people can be able to provide.

The last name of the businessman is a Ngwenya and he owns A number of properties in Pongola, Nongoma, Hluhluwe and Jozini. It is believed that business people often do such gestures in order to form relationships with the politicians and people in power in order to get favours in return, this is the same kind of things which were done with Julius Malema who is believed to have inherited a home from one of his rich business friends.

He is staying in the luxury house instead of using KwaKhangelamankengana palace which is located in a farm, this is a problem that could have been easily anticipated because we know that this is a modern king and who would like to enjoy the privileges and not go back to a village where he’s going to live out like his father and forefathers it is only natural.

There are other royal family members who sympathise with the King’s stance of staying away from KwaKhangelamankengana palace because it holds a lot of sadness with the grave of his late mother, Queen Mantfombi Shiyiwe Dlamini-Zulu being found there among the former royals.