Zulu King and wife accused of owing service providers over R500 000

Zulu King Misizulu kaZwelithini and his wife Queen Ntokozo kaMayisela Zulu are under scrutiny for allegedly failing to compensate service providers involved in their grand traditional umembeso ceremony, held in July of the previous year. The couple reportedly hired two service providers to cater to more than 250 guests during the significant event, but payments have yet to be made.


Siphamandla Ndebele, the proprietor of Le Sasha Catering company based in the Madadeni township of Newcastle, came forward to express her frustration. Ndebele revealed that her company is owed an astonishing sum of over R400,000 for the services rendered during the umembeso celebration. Despite initial assurances that payment would follow the event, Ndebele lamented the lack of commitment from the Zulu Royal family in fulfilling their financial obligations.

“We were made to believe that Isilo and his wife were going to pay us after umembeso, but to this day we are still waiting and nobody wants to commit to paying us from the Zulu Royal family. We have exhausted all the channels. The Zulu Royal family keeps promising to pay, but they are not coming to the party,” Ndebele expressed.

This alleged breach of financial commitment has cast a shadow over the otherwise celebratory affair, raising questions about the accountability and transparency of the Zulu Royal family’s dealings. As the accusations gain momentum, both the Zulu King and Queen find themselves facing public scrutiny and pressure to address the outstanding payments.

The umembeso ceremony is a culturally significant event in Zulu tradition, marking a time of celebration and unity. It is meant to be a joyous occasion that brings families together and upholds the values and customs of the Zulu people. However, the unresolved dispute between the Zulu Royal family and the service providers has threatened to overshadow the positive aspects of this cherished ceremony.

The accused parties have yet to release an official statement addressing the allegations. The public remains curious about how the situation will unfold and whether the Zulu King and Queen will take measures to rectify the situation and restore the reputation of the royal family.