Zola7 Shares His Recent Picture With Musa Mseleku But Mzansi Warn Him About This [See What They Say]

After seeing Zola7 with businessman and relationship expert Musa Mseleku, viewers were left satisfied. In recent days, Zola7 has been posting photos of himself and Musa Mseleku to his social media accounts. Fans and followers flocked to his social media pages to express their best wishes. Although he’s been told by others not to copy his notes.

image captioned “Taking down notes”




Bonginkosi Dlamini, also known as Zola7, admitted that he was taking notes from the businesspeople. As is well-known, Musa Mseleku is a successful businessman who has gone through four marriages to his four wives. In the same vein as Musa Mseleku, many individuals have cautioned him against entering polygamous marriages.

Although Musa Mseleku is a prosperous businessman and polygamist, not everyone aspires to follow in his footsteps. Social media users have cautioned Zola7 not to follow in the footsteps of their TV hero, #Uthandonesthembu, when he asked his wives to have a lover on the show. This is in response to the fact that Musa Mseleku’s wives have reportedly been reminded of their husband’s tears of longing for a lover.

Zola7’s stunning new appearance has caught the attention of Mzansi. Visitors to his timeline have been effusive in their praise of his newfound weight and clear complexion. Everyone is relieved to see Zola7, who has been absent due to his struggles with chronic illnesses, back in the spotlight.

After all he has done for Mzansi, the country has been sending Zola7 flowers as thanks. After an absence of several years, the band Zola7 has returned to the stage. Upon his return to the spotlight, Zola7 underwent a metamorphosis. Do you like his new appearance? Be sure to like and follow our page for more updates and to share your views and opinions.