Zola7 says he is okay and Mzansi should not worry about him

Rapper Zola 7 has made news recently when a video appeared to show him in a bad way on social media. People in Mzansi expressed their concern for the musician’s well-being and began discussing how best to honor him while he is still alive.


Social media influencer @chrisExcel102 urged Mzansi to support Zola 7 by donating what they had in a series of Twitter tweets. When Pearl Thusi was asked on social media if she could help, she answered by saying that Gender Based Violence made it difficult for her to do so. Black Twitter dragged Pearl Thusi after her article was met with conflicting reactions on Twitter.

It appears that Zola 7 is doing well, and the most recent video that is making the rounds on social media is actually quite dated by comparison. Mist SA, a worried Facebook user, was able to get in touch with someone who was close to Zola 7.

“Stanely Khoza, a close friend of Mzolisto, has provided photographs of him in his current form, and I have to admit he looks great. Greetings to all of you. “I am fine,” he said. “Don’t worry about me.” The photos and video that are circulating are from a time when he was ill.” Mist SA penned a letter to the editor.