Zola Nombona shows gratitude to Generations team

Zola Nombona has taken to her social media to pen down appreciation message to the Generations team.

The star said she is having the best time of her life playing Pamela Khoza on Generations: The Legacy.

However, Zola made it known that she is not leaving generations but just felt she could show gratitude.

In her words to the Generations team, the actress said it has been a lovely journey with them, “What a journey. I’ve been with the Generations family for over 6 months now and what a lovely journey it has been.”

Zola said she would have joined the telenovela much sooner but the timing was never right, until 6 month back. “I’ve had multiple opportunities to join the team but it never happened because I guess the timing wasn’t right. I thought I was not a long form actor because I get bored easily but quickly realised that I actually didn’t have the stamina for it,” she said.

Zola said she is very grateful for the opportunity and the support from her fans, “I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I have been granted to be on this show.”

She also made it clear that she is not leaving the show.

“Pamela Khoza is about to shake things up!!!! P.S I’m not leaving the show, just showing gratitude for what God has done for me.”

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