Zola Nombona leaves her fans with recent pictures.

Some outfits are not for everyone, some people have the ability to bring an outfit to life without even trying. We are all gifted but not in the same things that’s why people are not doing the same things. It’s beautiful seeing women known their bodies and loving them.

Zola Nombona comes a long way with her weightloss. The actress and musician has never had a problem with her weight. But after giving birth the Generations: The Legacy actress embarked on a weightloss journey. She has been serving is with looks ever since.


The Lockdown actress knows she’s a beauty and seems to enjoy it. She shared a beautiful picture of herself in the late Aaliyah. She has on a pair of Nike and a black tight. It is a simple look but she looks amazing. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over. Zola makes everything look beautiful because she even has a beautiful personality.