Zola 7’s wife says no more handouts until muso goes to rehab

Struggling Kwaito musician Zola 7’s wife has asked people to stop giving him handouts until he goes to rehab.

The musician hit front page headlines after it was revealed that he has been struggling financially.

Many South Africans felt heartbroken by the turn of events and pledged to assist him financially.

Gauteng MEC for finance and e-government Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko then set up a much-publicised campaign to find ways of helping the icon.




But his wife has poured cold water on the pledges saying Zola 7 needed a long term solution and that the solution was rehab.

“Zola 7’s family has not yet decided whether he should go to rehab. This was informed by many other things including the argument over which banking details the public should use to help him financially. That is why the MEC decided to wait until their differences have been resolved,” the source said.

Zola 7 was not available for comment on the issue.

Source: Sunday World Sun, 17 Apr 2022