Zola 7’s wife says no more handouts and pleads to help her admit Zola 7 to rehab

Zola 7’s wife pleads for help to take Zola 7 to rehabilitation.

It is alleged that Zola 7’s wife has asked Gauteng MEC finance and e-government to stop helping Zola 7 as the family feels that the best thing to do is to have him admitted to rehab.

Sunday world says they had seen a video where Nomantu Nkomo Ralehoko is asking the members of the public to encourage the award-winning kwaito star to go to rehab. The MEC had not mentioned the reason why he need to be taken to rehab.


She said,” the good thing is that the wife says Zola wants to go to rehab, so I want people like yourself to convince Zola 7 that he needs to go to rehab and be better so that he can go out and get these opportunities because indeed we can’t take him among the children while we know he is not fine.”

An official at the MEC office said the future partnership with Zola 7 is now uncertain. The MEC had visited Zola 7 last month as part of her heart-to-heart dialogue program. The MEC had initiated the dialogue to link Zola 7 with her program so that he may motivate the youth as soon as he is well.

Last year when Zola appeared on the MagG podcast he mentioned that he had been diagnosed with epilepsy 4 years ago and he had been in an accident while driving, he crashed his car into a shop because he was having an epileptic seizure while driving.