Zola 7 ‘s Attire At Magesh ‘s Funeral Caused A Stir On Social Media

What Zola 7 Wore to Magesh’s Funeral Sparked a Twitter Storm

A image of three South African Kwaito legends surfaced online, and it blew people’s minds.

These three icons—Zwai Bala (left), Zola 7 (center), and Kabelo (right)—all had significant careers in the music industry, influenced countless other musicians, and helped create the music we listen to today.

Even though Zola 7 had lost his money and changed his appearance, his condition was still causing concern among the public, particularly famous people. Therefore, he persisted in asking for financial aid while also giving his account number and other financial data.


During the legend’s lowest point, famous people like DJ Cleo, Mamkhize, and her son Andile Mpisane paid him a visit.

However, in this latest snapshot, people have noticed a marked improvement in his physical condition relative to his previous photographs.

As sad as it is, this shot was reportedly taken at the funeral of the late star “Tokollo alias Magesh,” a former member of the popular Kwaito group TKZee.