Zola 7 is ready to accept donations after sharing his account number


Bonginkosi Dlamini Zola 7 shares his bank account number because people have been worried about him and they want to help. He was aware of trending on Twitter and when people made it clear they were in support of him getting better, he said he could not deny a gift given to him, but he was not asking for help. He is thankful for the assistance and made a decision to share his bank account number.




After sharing his bank account number, other people on Twitter may have received it as a scamming opportunity and it was better for them to share their concerns before they could donate. But for those who do not see a scamming opportunity from it, made it clear that it not a scam and they could not help him.


One another person whom is reported that she will not help Bonginkosi is Pearl Thusi, because he was accused of gender based violence. That is the reason she could not offer a donation to him. She did not see it as a scamming opportunity like those who were not sure if is real situation. People have been sharing memories of Zola 7 helping others when he had the opportunity to do it.


It is only fair to help him as he helped others when their were in need of help. He used to help people with with his show on SABC 1 in just three days. The beauty of helping other people it means more when it comes to your favour but not is clear for Dlamini that not everyone is willing to help him. They are having their reason for and they cannot be blamed for it.


Even though it is not reported why he was seen in that state from the pictures and video clip that were circulating on social media. But he was seen as not in a good state and he could use of help. You can donate as much as you can and there is no starting limit for a a donation. A gift is accepted no matter its quantity or size.