Zola 7 finally reveals why he broke down in tears on stage in front of the crowd

The Kwaito legend Zola 7 finally set the record straight after he cried right in front of his supporters yesterday. Yesterday, there was an epic event in Mpumalanga, this event was aimed at honoring Zola 7. This event was packed, people came in numbers to support Zola 7.




Zola 7 got onto the stage and he was overwhelmed by the love people showed him and he just started crying while people were chanting and cheering him up. Zola took to Twitter to reveal that he was not really crying but the love that people keep showing him is just on another level “I swear I wasn’t crying…The love I am being shown in Mpumalanga is amazing” Wrote Zola 7.

In the comment section, People were vowing to support Zola 7 until the end and they told him how much they love him “South Africa as a whole loves you, my brother, you might not know but it’s a fact” Wrote a Twitter user. “You deserve it and I’m glad you got to smell your flowers,” Wrote another Twitter user.