Zola 7 exposed by former boss

There is a video of back then when Zola 7 opens up on how his former record label, Lance Stehr allegedly tried to destroy him.

During his time at MacG podcast, Zola 7 details how Lance Stehr paid journalists and his baby mama to attack his career, to assassinate his character.

Now On the yesterday’s episode on MacG podcast show, Lance Stehr of Ghetto Ruff was the guest celebrity.

He exposed Zola 7 as his former boss by former boss.



MacG asked What did Lence Stehr leave Zola 7 with by the time you guys parted ways?

Lance Stehr of Ghetto Ruff:

– Production company

– 5 houses

– Cell C deal

– Zola 7 brand second-best to Nelson Mandela

– TV show

Lance Stehr tell the podcast that Zola7 is the one who messed up hi life and everything he had. He could have became first South Africa artist to be Billionaire.


“He had those things, until Lance tanted his name & cancelled on him. Cell C, SABC etc dropped Zola after Lance paid baby mamas to tarnish his image…lest we forget.”

Source: https://t.co/xK11eTVZ5N