Zodwa Wabantu – “I am going to love and give my boyfriend allowance”

Zodwa Wabantu has taken to her social media to reveal her new man, Olefile Mpudi AKA Ricardo.

The star has been flaunting her new Ben 10 and many are happy she has finally found love.

Zodwa posted a short video on Instagram giving out some relationship advice.

She told her followers that she is willing to love her Ben 10 unconditionally even if it ends in tears.

“Imagine not falling in love because you are scared that it will end and you are not loving fully. You hold back fear because you are scared, no way. Life is all about living it, making mistakes, starting all over. I am going to love and give my boyfriend allowance,” she says.

Zodwa advises her fellow humans to always shoot shot at whoever they love even though they are scared of of heartbreaks and other things.

She questioned those who always criticize her for financing her Ben 10’s  lifestyles.

“As couples please tell me don’t you guys assist each other with money? You don’t borrow each other cars you don’t plan a trip together.” she asked.

In ending Zodwa said “If you see me I’m going to love hard, If have to have if someone stole from me then I will and if he beat me I will say,” she continued.

Watch video below: