Zodwa Wabantu embraces her ancestral power



Zodwa Wabantu has officially embraced her ancestral calling.

The star shared on her Instagram page a picture of herself in a stream wrapped in traditional healer cloths with goat’s horns in her hands.

She shared that she finally could recognise why she acts the way she does now that she has gone through her journey, including answers to some of her more head-turning behaviour.

Yesterday, Zodwa set the record straight, sharing what the image truly represented proving the guessers right.

Th dancer revealed that she was finally acknowledging her ancestral calling, after years of questionable events.

The entertainer explained that the acceptance was a long time coming, saying: “The dreams started in September and October, but I’ve always been this person. I don’t wear makeup, I wear expensive watches and earrings and they get lost and now I know it’s because they don’t want them.” 

Expanding on her awakening, Zodwa shared that it finally let her come to terms with why certain things unfolded a specific way in her life. She added more insight for the publication, confessing:

“They don’t want a weave, they don’t want makeup; now I understand why I was different, it was them. I don’t fit in, I have no desire to be wanted, I walk alone, and I’m different. So it was not me, because I’ve chosen to be that way. I was built to not fall for anything.”

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