Zodwa WA Bantu left in hot water after this happened –

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African media personality, socialite and dancer. She is one of the most loved celebrities in Mzansi. Fans are always watching her every move. Nothing she says go unnoticed.


People are still angry about the previous comments that Zodwa was Bantu made against certain people, in the industry which has caused them to feel ashamed of that because it just happened once on that day.

The Thabo story has made a lot of people speak a lot on social media today. There are a lot of people who feel like they must act like Zodwa and talk about everything that they want to speak about so that they can settle matters with the trouble that Jub Jub has got himself onto which ended in tears for them.

The Jub Jub story is opening the memories that people have tried to forget about where they want to express their emotions about it, but some are using it to settle their vendetta with their enemies which might cause a blue for them in the future.