Zodwa ‘Sannah Mchunu’ salary at Gomora Ieaked


She has the plug, and she has fast become one of Mzansi’s finest. No doubt Zodwa is the reason why many watch Gomora because she has got the plug.

She has become a legend in the making, and her acting skills are unmatched. Last year she was rewarded for her stellar performances. Undoubtedly, South African celebrated star actress Sannah Mchunu is making a mark in the entertainment industry with her award-winning role as Zodwa on Gomora.

Salaries: Zodwa 'Sannah Mchunu' salary at Gomora leaked

Actress Sannah Mchunu (48) loves playing the loud-mothed, trouble-making mom on the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela. She has become the woman we all love to hate. On-screen, she is an alcoholic mother of Mzansi favourite Teddy.

However, Zodwa has wowed Mzansi and is well known for her quirky one-liners that have viewers laughing for days. The seasoned star actress recently walked away with an award at the annual Royalty Awards. She scooped the outstanding supporting actress award for her role. This is her first award, and no doubt more is yet to come, given how she is winning big.

Her thrust into the limelight came when she bagged some roles on the etv anthology series eKasi: Our Stories. She later found herself on soapies screens, and we can all agree that her flair carries her to greater heights.

Salaries: Zodwa 'Sannah Mchunu' from Gomora (Source Instagram)


Of late, many questions have been tabled about how much does the bubbly actress take home. Gomora is one of the most-watched soapies in Mzansi; hence its cast is expected to take home more. It recently toppled The Queen to become Mzansi Magic most watched soapie.

In South Africa and beyond, actors’ salaries are not fixed abroad and depend on various variables, and one production company might determine wages. However, common entertainment detects wages of the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry based on show ratings, years of experience, and craft competence.

Despite the entertainment industry being said to be one of the most paying industries, many actors have rundown the claim; such is the case of Omuhle Gela, who admitted that actors do not get paid much as people think; hence they end up venturing into different avenues such as presenters, radio personalities and events MC’s.

The celebrated star actress is one of the lead actresses and long-serving cast members. Rumour has it the Gomora firebrand gets an estimated whopping R60 000 to R65 000 per month due to her influential role.

Mchunu is worth her weight in gold and diamonds, and it comes as no surprise that her net worth is reported to be $300 000. She continues to serve as an inspiration to many.