Zodwa From Gomora wins the best actress award

Sannah Mnchunu better known as Zodwa from Gomora wins the award for best actress at the DMVCA. Her winning was one of the best highlights because people love her and they wanted her to win. She is talented and she knows how to capture the viewers attention.





Zodwa from Gomora blessed her fans with the few lines from her storylines and it was amazing. People love the way she speaks English because she makes them laugh. Sannah gave thanks to her parents and her fans, she also gave thanks to Gomora for giving her such a big opportunity.

Sannah Mnchunu could not believe that she won the award, because she was with the strong women in her category. Her role on Gomora has always been the best, she makes her role seem real. She also teach people about the things that are happening in our daily lives.

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