Zodwa and Teddy’s broken English

Gomora Zodwa and Teddy continue to steal the heart of viewers with their enthralling performances. Last night’s episode of the Mzansi Magic soapie, left viewers in stiches and fans can’t get enough of the mother and son duo’s broken English.

The emotional episode saw viewers on the edge of their collective seats as they wanted to know who killed Don Buthelezi played by Israel Zulu. Zodwa who is played by Sana Mchunu pulled the trigger on Don after he wanted to kill Melusi



Zodwa was then taken to the police station for questioning with the rest of the people who were at the crime scene. The detective asked her if she is the one who ended Don’s life but Teddy quickly responded to defend her mom. He asked the detective why he wanted to know.


When the detective asked him who he is? Teddy’s response left many people in rolling on the floor with laughs.

He started butchering English and mumbled, “I’m her parent, she’s my parent, my mother, I’m the sons, and we are mother and sons.” When asked if he is the one who killed Don? Zodwa responded with her broken English and said “Why are you asking it? Zodwa said they should go to a spin doctor to check who killed Don.