Zizo Tshwete leaves her fans speechless with recent post looking stunning.

The same way we rush to remove our shoes and clothes when we come back from a long day at work. Should be the same as when we have makeup on our faces. Some days we should just enjoy the fresh air without any layers on. Of course it’s different as we apply makeup for different reasons.




Zizo Tshwete is a brand ambassador, radio and television presenter. She’s known for presenting on Selimatunzi, winning Miss SA Teen and others. She’s currently on radio and does bible reading on Sundays, sponsored by Telkom. She’s amongst some of the most humble celebrities.

She’s a proud mother of two. She does the role effortlessly so, her boys are very happy and that’s what matters. She’s shared a picture of herself looking breathtaking with her bare face. We see why Garnier just had to have her as their face years back. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her beauty.