Ziyakhala for Mbali. She needs to come clean about her fake pregnancy to her husband

Mbali has been faking pregnanancy for a while now. After the Mukuna saga in the Kubheka house, she recieved a call from her mother telling her that there is something wrong with the baby. Jojo wanted to go with her to the hospital but she managed to convince him not to go with her.

When there is something wrong with pregnancy especially a miscarriage, the problem is usually with the woman that is why Mbali did not tell her husband the truth because she was embarrased, she wanted to be seen as a good wife. But what she doesn’t know is that the problem could be with Jojo.


Mbali was crying and begging the doctor to help save the baby because she couldn’t afford to lose another one. Mbali’s mother found out that Winnie’s baby is Jojo’s baby but she was not happy at all with how things were done, aMbali indeed went too far. She was fine with Mbali lying to her in-laws about being rich but what Mbali did now is worse. She told Mabli that she need to tell her husband the truth or she will tell him. If her mother keeps quiet it will be seen like she only cares about Mbali and not Winnie, she is currently handling the situation better.

What happens in the darks always comes to light.