Zimele Bhengu From Imbewu in real life and his beautiful Wife


Zimele Bhengu From Imbewu in real life and his beautiful Wife


Tony Kgoroge is a well-known actor and art activist. He is best known for having been part of the first seasons of Gaz’lam from 2002-2003 as well as the Zero Tolerance 2004 series. The actor has been part of many TV shows that fans would recognize him from any of them. He is also recognized for having been part of films such as Hijack Stories, Hotel Rwanda, Lord of War, Gums and Noses, The Bird Can’t Fly, Blood Diamond, Invictus, Skin, and The First Grader

While many may know Tony because of his professional activities, there is a lot more about the actor that would catch your interest. Here are all the interesting details that you need to know about him.



Tony has been married to Sthandiwe Msomi for years now considering that they tied the knot in 2002. It has been 18 years of perfect marriage. This is something very rare among celebrities in South Africa and the world at large. The challenges that come with being in a relationship, as well as public fame, are sometimes crushing that many couples do not make it.

On the secret of their success, Sthandiwe Kgoroge revealed that they are each other’s best friends. In addition to that, the two are always able to pray about the things they feel could be crushing. According to the wife, this has really been helpful. There is no known information about Tony having an ex and his relationship with his wife is going stronger every day

He was also part of the Imbewu the Seed cast in which he acted as Zimele Ngcolosi Bhengu. Most people would rate him as one of the best Imbewu actors having won the hearts of his viewers. Even though he took the part after the show was already ongoing, it did not take long before he was able to win the hearts of the viewers and their respect. He seemed to fit perfectly into the given role. When taking up from Mpumelelo Bhulose.