Zimbabweans Left Upset After SA Amapiano Artist Daliwonga Did This To Them

Since the COVID-19 regulations have been reduced, artists all over the world are now able to travel and perform at different events in different countries while still following the COVID-19 protocols of those countries. Events are now back to being hosted and citizens of countries are able to go to different clubs and places where more artists will be performing without having to worry about the coronavirus.

When it first infiltrated two countries, they did not have to be locked down, which included the entertainment industry as well, and that left many artists struggling to survive during the pandemic when they were unable to perform and share their craft with others like they have always been doing.




Many South African artists during the lockdown stay were able to go to different events or different clubs to perform because of the regulations that were set by the president. Now that the regulations have been brought down, they are able to travel and perform as well. A lot of South African artists have kids books in other African countries to perform for the fence over there.

This is what South African amapiano artist Daliwonga was booked to do in Zimbabwe. Daliwonga is one of the fairly new artists in the industry and many people have fallen in love with the kind of music he makes. He is making a big name for himself. Daliwonga was booked to perform in Zimbabwe at an event called “Monate Friday” yesterday, but many Zimbabweans who were anticipating seeing him were left upset that he cancelled performing at the last minute.

It is said that Daliwonga cancelled because he refused to perform without his DJ. The organisers were very disappointed by Daliwonga’s behaviour, and those who were excited to see him perform for the first time in Zimbabwe were left disappointed.