Zimbabwean celebrity faces a HUGE blow in her marriage, weeks after her wedding. This happened

Felistas Murata, known as ‘Mai tt’ is suffering a huge blow, few weeks after she wedded to her husband Tinashe Maphosa. This is her third marriage, and people are hoping and pray that this will stand. Kelly Khumalo, a South African vocalist was a guest at Felistas Murata’s wedding.


It’s reportedly that a message was forwarded on social media, saying that Tinashe Maphosa proposed another Zimbabwean social media influencer in 2019. After coming to know the message, Felistas is causing havoc on Facebook, as she is angry at both the husband and the lady who is claiming that Tinashe Maphosa proposed her. However, Tinashe is denying that he proposed the lady.

Felistas’s parent tried to talk to Felistas to calm down, but Felistas is refusing to calm down. She said that she need to let it out.

Social media critics are saying that Felistas is failing to handle her marriage.

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