Zimbabwean actor who features on Scandal in baby mama drama

A Zimbabwean actor who features on popular etv soapie Scandal h

as been embroiled in a baby mama mess.

Jerome Galiao has been been sending encrypted messages on his Instagram account.

He stirred mixed reactions from the general public when he started skits related to baby mama’s.

Many thought that he was going through some baby mama drama himself but he has now cleared the air.


But Galiao has cleared the air saying he was just using his platform to showcase some the drama men go through with their baby mama’s.

He added that he does not have any baby mama drama and he is very happy.

“We get along well and it was not always that way. I have had my fair share of it but I cannot say I remember any of it because right now we are about the welfare of our kids and they are what is important,” he said.

Jerome added that as an artist it was his duty to highlight some of these common things society goes through.

He added that his fiancee, Nerissa Mema, is the one who had encouraged him to do the skits.

Source: https://www.hmetro.co.zw/baby-mama-dramais-scandal-actor-sending-a-cryptic-message/