Zim Prophet who said David Genaro will Die, Sees another death of a Celeb in SA. Who could it be?

In the lovely Nozuko, a member of the Royal House of Japan, the South African Transport Priest has discovered love. Although he wasn’t always true to his wife, Fikile Mbalula regarded her as a liberal lady who has never been molested and has always been honest with him.

They’ve been married for a very long period, and their marriage has been recognized by a monarch with three lovely children. Fikile confessed to periodically ignoring his wife because he yearned for an independent woman, but after meeting Nozuko, he changed his tune.




Social media boasts about his wife and Fikile Mbalula has been seen at every Parliament event with her. When it comes to social media, Mbalula isn’t shy to flaunt his new partner. He told the media that she is the one and that he has been strong ever since he fell in love with her. Nazuko is a gorgeous person on the inside and out, with stunning skin and a refined sense of style.

See Nokuzo Mbalula and his lovely wife in action.