Zandie Khumalo Claims That The Police Are Looking At The Wrong Place, See Here

It is likely that a lot of people will not know what to believe about Zandie Khumalo’s exclusive interview and those who never suspected singer Kelly Khumalo will probably be more convinced that she is being wrongfully accused.

And for some people, this will not change anything and as it has been seen already, there are people who have claimed that the interview was just an attempt to shift the attention.

Zandie revealed some important information, there was a bit of confusion regarding some of the things she said, because they do not match what was said in court.

And this only makes this case harder to solve, no one knows where to look, there were some thorough investigations that were done to an extent, but it seems like this case will not make the progress that is needed.


Now, Zandie described to us her version of the story, it seems like she is sticking to what they have always said since the beginning, they maintain that they are not guilty.

She mentioned that there were two men who came into the house when Senzo Meyiwa got shot, wearing balaclavas.

And she mentioned that she was aware that there are five suspects in custody, but she only knows about the two people who broke into their home.

At some point during the interview, she mentioned that the police should start looking somewhere else.

It seems like Zandie is convinced that there is a lot that is not being questioned, she wanted to know why Senzo’s wife is not investigated.

Then, she went on to say that there is a possibility that those two suspects were sent there by the wife and the intention might have been to kill Kelly, not Senzo.

It was clear what she was insinuating and a lot of people are not buying into her story, the whole thing was even referred to as a publicity stunt.

She obviously has a reason why she did the interview now, and we might have to wait and see what Zandie or Kelly does in the coming days.

And it is not a surprise that people are starting to find this thing of who killed Senzo very tiring, it is like everything that is being done is just a waste of time at this point.

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