Zandie Khumalo Breaks Silence On Senzo Case, She May Be Called To Testify In Court

Zandie Khumalo is likely to take the stand on the Senzo Meyiwa murder when the trial resumes, this is definitely something that was not expected from this situation we thought that the family would try to distance themselves from this case as much as they could.

Due to the fact that they’re other ones who were implicated to be in the wrong in this case, and if the courts find them anywhere to be guilty of anything they’re going to want to punish them for that.




The police have been contacting her so she can be one of the witnesses to take the stand, the singer said this on Instagram as she gushed over her pillar of strength – husband.

It is definitely turning interesting by the day in this case, and unfortunately this former football star and today it seems like the people rested in finding out how it is going to get resolved at the end of the day.

Because, it seems like such a situation that is very terrible to have lasted more than 10 years without being resolved and it is a very serious problem for a lot of people.

It seems like the best post came about because she was feeling vulnerable and hurt or vent, and she was saying some words of encouragement about how everything is going to be okay. As well as how they are going to get over this situation of how the husband is someone who is very calm behind the situation, and is observant without saying anything or doing anything drastic.

This is a very distressing method that is being discussed here and chances are she will be incriminating herself and that is when the people are going to be curious as to why the story does not add up, because apparently she was supposed to reveal the real truth she was a witness.