Zandie and I are on speaking terms|| Kelly

AFTER a long time she did not say anything about her sister, Kelly Khumalo came out for the first time and said that they have fallen in love with each other after a long time. Kelly said this, the people of this country are still shocked by the allegations that came out in the court where the case of the murder of Senzo Meyiwa is heard, where the lawyer for the accused of killing Senzo said that there is a witness who will testify that Kelly’s sister, Zandi once slept with Senzo when they lived in the same house in Johannesburg.

Speaking to Sol Phenduka on Kaya FM 959, Kelly said their disagreement was caused by things related to money and their singing career. “I think we needed this break because when you get too close, you end up losing your identity. We needed to distance ourselves, let her live in his country and I in mine, then there will be one country when we are together,” said Kelly. She made it clear that it was not easy when they were chicken and chicken because she was annoyed by her friends who continued to get along with her.




Kelly said that being in the media is something she accepts. Even so, she said that there are methods he uses to resist the speeches of those who pick him up. She also revealed that other people are trying to strengthen themselves through him in the problems they are facing, which is why she is not too worried about them. When asked about the pain felt by the loss of Senzo and whether it is possible for her to dream, she just broke down.