ZANDI KHUMALO : Why we were not called to Court ?

The sister of singer Kelly Khumalo who goes by name of Zandi Khumalo who is also a singer and song writer.

Zandi Khumalo is not happy, after the withdrawal of lawyer Adv Malesela Teffo, in the case of Senzo Meyiwa’s murder who was the partner of her sister Kelly.


Zandie Khumalo-Gumede, wrote on Instagram that it seems that the case of Meyiwa’s murder is still far from being solved, due to the incidents that happened in the court where it was being heard.

I quote “It seems that the person will not get a date to appear in court because the people entrusted with the case have turned into a circus, I don’t think I’m just saying this here.” Zandi Khumalo wrote.

According to the Source Isolezwe , Zandi went on to say that what hurts her is that it doesn’t look like Meyiwa’s case will be resolved soon because South Africa believes in opportunists who are loved by many people like the one who was a lawyer.

“It hurts me because it means that the Meyiwa family will never get justice and it hurts me because it means that my family will live under this dark cloud forever,” continued Zandie.

She went on to say that many people want to find the Khumalos guilty, and believe that “We will believe and support anyone who says what we want to hear.”

She concluded by saying ‚ÄúThis way of thinking will stand in the way of justice. This tunnel vision that society uses in the case prevents justice from serving. But go on, why aren’t we called to court and why aren’t we asked?” Concluded the singer .

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