Zamokuhle Seakamela From Skeem Saam Actor Wowed Mzanzi Sharing Incredible Moments With His Son.


The bond that a father and a son share is unique and unrivaled to all the other bonds they might share with others. A father is his son’s first hero. Ever since the moment he was born, he has looked up to his dad, admiring him, growing up with a dream to someday be like him. That dream is present at one point in every son’s life. Even in today’s world, most of the men out there still idolize their father.






Fathers may be the heroes to their sons, but the sons are the future to their fathers. This is why every single achievement, every prize and every laurel his son brings forth makes his father the happiest person in the world. Modesty escapes him as he boasts about his son to everyone.

A Man’s system does not work like a woman’s does. They do everything in a different manner. They love differently, they show affection differently and even communicate differently. This is more than evident in a relationship between a son and his father. On the outside, they might appear distant and not that very much engaged, but their feelings run deep. For fathers or sons, expressing love is more of what they do rather than what they say. Their love is communicated in a subtle manner. It might seem to others that these subtleties are a weak substitute for love but to many fathers and sons, they are as meaningful as hugs, kisses, and words.

On the other hand, fathers look at their sons and see future leaders, achievers, entrepreneurs and good human beings. Ever since the moment the son is born, he looks at the marvel who is going to exceed him in life, who is going to take forth his legacy and turn it into something amazing, something spectacular, something he could never do.

Clement Maosa is one of the most maximum cherished celebrity who has skillfully won his way into the hearts of many people in mzanzi through her pretty acting abilities. He is formidable and skilled young man who is likewise multi-proficient. He is top notch recognized for his critical commitment on Skeem Saam soapie opera weekdays portraying the personality of Zamokuhle Seakamela-Maputla. He is fantastic and tasteful individual who is playing a huge role as a father figure in reality.

He is a father of one adorable baby boy and always sharing adorable moments with him. Sharing adorable moments with your children is one of the best feeling as a parent because you are creating unforgettable memories to remember. He recently posted a dope pictures of himself and his son looking incredibly beautiful. What’s your thoughts about his pictures? Generously share your thoughts by leaving a remark underneath and remember to click share button.