Zakes Bantwini R2.4 Million Legal Blues

Whenever a brand partners with an artist. It will normally ensure that it has the best interest at heart for the artist. it also wants the same from its partner. if brand sense or confirm a conflict of interest they could be trouble between the two parties.

The “Osama” hitmaker has a headache to deal with. Paradise Africa is gunning for the hitmaker. A dark cloud is hanging over his head.

Manyoni production is facing a lawsuit of R2.4 million for breach of contract.

Bantwini is in hot waterr, this comes after Paradise accuses Bantwini of signing a deal with arch-rival company Universal music for sales and marketing of his album.

– Artist slapped with a lawsuit

Paradise is pleading with Johannesburg high court to force Zakes recording company ( Manyoni records) to pay R2.4 million for loss of income.

According to a source, Paradise entered into a 10-year deal with Manyoni records on Augustus 6 back in 2021.

According to court papers seen by a source. Paradise had a right to distribute the Album’s audio and visual productions in

New Zealand, USA, and Europe

According to paradise they also own the right to distribute the artist wini’s songs everywhere in the world besides Africa on online music platforms like Beatport

-10 year contract?





They also claim that they had a right to Zakes’s physical exploit of the album which was released in 2021.

According to Paradise, Manyoni breached the contract by signing with the rival company on October 27, 2016, while the company claims that zakes granted the the album right to exploits for 10 years on October 12 back in 2016.

Paradise recons that if there was no breach of contract. It was going to benefit from the sales of the album up until 2030.

Zakes would likely earn more than R2.4 million in this case hence the lawsuit

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