Zahara’s look simple style

Zahara is our modern day Brenda Fassie, she is amon the few that did wonders in the music industry just like Brenda Fassie did, she is one of the few artists to be invited by Nelson Mandela just like Brenda Fassie.

She has seen it all in the music industry and continues to make her name known to the entire world, Loliwe was and is still one of the best songs.

Phendula worked wonders in terms of streams and selling out and all her other songs reached platinum statuses, if not gold whole other reached double platinum.

For a whole her songs were unlocateble on ITunes and people made peace with that but now they are back on iTunes and they are happy that their favorites songs are back.













Zahara’s songs are back on iTunes and fans don’t think she will get her royalties if they stream.

But they are confused as to whether they should stream the songs as they do not think she will get her royalties from their streams.

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