Zahara Is Making Peeps Wonder If She Is Okay WATCH VIDEO INSIDE

The singer shared a clip of herself literally playing like a child while someone shouts in the background.

Trying to make sense of the situation, one fan asked, “What are you going through sisi?”

Zahara plays like kid at home Zahara was having fun in a clip where she looked like she used a children’s slide and then was on her way to run into a pool. Watch the video below:




Nota says Zahara’s downfall is being unmarried after alleged drunk clip emerged Briefly News previously reported that Nota Baloyi let loose with harsh opinions. He targeted many stars before, and it was Zahara’s turn following her Macufe performance. Nota was ready to give a harsh take on Zahara’s career. The music mogul did not go easy on the singer. Nota claimed Zahara’s problems were because she is single. To make his point, Baloyi referenced his ex-wife Berita’s successful career to Zahara’s.