Zahara is blaming DJ Sbu for chewing her money

Currently Zahara is facing challenges because she is about to lose her house and is blaming DJ Sbu for chewing her money,she said, she wrote her songs alone and she started on the streets Singing for people and they were giving her money.

DJ Sbu claims that he did not owe Zahara any Money, because he was there for her and taking care about her hospital bill, when she has liver problem because of alcohol, Sbu said he does not owe Zahara any Money because she was getting 50% and she was supposed to get less, people really they don’t know who to believe according to their stories, and some because they attack DJ Sbu for being a fraudster, even though they don’t understand.




Some they Blame Zahara because they know that she like alcohol very much and they think that she needs to go rehab to get help as BI Phakathi was seeking for a donation to help her to pay R350k for her house.

Zahara says she does not have enough money to hire lawyers to take DJ Sbu down, it seems like Zahara was not happy the way DJ Sbu treated her.

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