Yummy Uzalo actress Phindile Gwala left fans speechless with an adorably elegant image.

Phindile Gwala is always up to something big and inspirational in her spare time , she is a motivational speaker who is all about female empowerment and uplifting the communities of South Africa .

She is a force not to be reckoned with in her field of show business as one of the most ravishing thespians on the South African televison scene.

She is a woman who works very hard inorder to stand out in a very highly competitive industry .

Phindile Gwala has a brilliantly remarkable personality that is contagiously invigorating , she is a fun filled and optimistic individual who is a beacon of excellency and inspiration in the South African media and entertainment industry.

Phindile has come a long way to be this decorated actress in the South African filming industry through constistency in her delivery , passion and dedication.




Phindile Gwala comes from the tropical and talented province of Kwazulu Natal , making her one of the many undeniably talented super stars in the South African show business to come out of the province.

Phindile is a hit on the streets of social media through her witty , bubbly and vivacious character that is so captivating to watch and the amazing pictures she takes dressed in impeccable outfit showcasing how undeniably photogenic she is.

Phindile Gwala is well known for the major acting role that defined her career in one of the longest running prime time telenovelas on SABC 2 ‘Muvhango’ as ‘Nonny’ a nossy yet adorable receptionist.

From there she has been featured in some of the biggest drama series on our televison screens such as e.tv ‘s Imbewu :the seed and nowadays she is on SABC 1 ‘s Uzalo.

Phindile Gwala is also extremely versatile , she is not only a future award winning actress but a model , social media influencer , brand endoser and a fashion designer as well .

She is a woman of many gifts and an individual who wears her heart on her sleeve.

In a recent lnstagram post Phindile Gwala mesmerized fans with an adorably impeccable image , looking adorably spectacular and glamorously decorated.