Yummy Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London painted the town red in an elegant outfit

Londie London rocked a red outfit that made her look like a rose and she looked exquisitely beautiful in the alluring short summer dress.

The outfit fitted her perfectly , she looks adorably elegant and the beautiful glassy high heels made the outfit more spectacular.

This look by Londie London is incredibly astounding , it’s a look that in tune with who she is what she is all about , as a fashionista she really knocked it out of the park with this charming and cute look.

Londie London is a singer , a platinum record selling artist who is famous in the R&B , Afro trap soul landscape of Mzansi and she is a brilliant musician who has made a name for herself as a songstress with impeccable style and unique stage presence.

Londie London has a brilliant wardrobe that makes a lot of women envious , all her apparel is classy and sophisticated .

She is into designer outfits that are contemporary, edgy , unique and supreme.

Her social media posts showcases the brilliantly remarkable outfits she rocks as a wealthy lady whose style is unmatched and pronouncingly opulent.

Londie is also a model , brand endoser , social media influencer , a socialite and a reality TV show star .

She forms part of the cast of the real housewives of Durban season 2 on Showmax.

The show can be added to London ‘ s resume as she is an extremely versatile lady who is a multi dimensional character in the South African show business.

Londie London has quite a number of chart topping singles under her belt and impressively delightful features with some of the best singing talent in the country in the mainstream music landscape.

Londiwe Zulu that’s her real name hails from the tropically colourful province of Kwazulu Natal.

The real housewives of Durban is a refreshingly cool show filled with lots of drama , love and excitement and l for one is glad that Londie London is part of the stellar cast.