“You’re going to get blocked” Hulisani Ravele tells fans about tagging on posts about ex Psyfo.

What happens between two people is between them, only they know what is happening between them. As people we often put our nose where it doesn’t belong and that’s where we are wrong. As black people we’ve place marriage at the highest pedestal. A person that’s not married is looked somehow. It’s not everyone that wants marriage.

Hulisani Ravele is a radio and television presenter. She’s famously known for being a former child star. She presented on Yotv years back. Hulisani is now on Radio on 947 FM. Hulisani previously dated Sipho Ngwenya previously known as Psyfo, for ten years.




Sipho is now married and expecting his first child. Musa Khawula shared a picture of Sipho as he graduated for his MBA. Musa mentioned that Sipho played Hulisani and married someone else. One of his followers tagged her on the post and she was not happy about that. She went guns blazing on her fans and told them to never tag her.