Young and Loaded: House of Zwide actress Karabo Magongwa ‘Keletso’s business empire wows mzansi

Since making her first appearance on House of Zwide as a member of the Zwide family, child actor Karabo Magongwa’s acting abilities have been the subject of numerous national conversations. She is a superb actor, but it is not her sole occupation; she is already financially independent at a young age. This is not the first role this child has played; she has been acting since she was six years old.
Karabo Magongwa’s role as Keletso in House of Zwide

In House of Zwide, Karabo portrays Keletso Molapo, a school-aged girl who overcomes the obstacles that all girls face as they reach adolescence. She is the youngest kid in the Molapo family, which also includes an older sister and both of her parents. She sometimes feels overshadowed by her older sister, who is skilled in fashion design. Keletso loves her family despite the ups and downs she experiences due to them.

Karabo MagongwaKarabo Magongwa-Image Source (Instagram/Karabo Magongwa)




She has been the victim of bullying at school on multiple times, and with her father’s incarceration, the bullying has just resumed. However, it swiftly transformed into unwelcome attention as some students at her school viewed the family strife as cool. Molefe catches her and forces Isaac to prohibit her from visiting her father at Bra Carter’s house.

Karabo Magongwa’s acting career

Karabo MagongwaKarabo Magongwa-Image Source (Instagram/Karabo Magongwa)

Magongwa told her mother she wanted to be an actress when she had only begun to comprehend what acting entailed. Her mother registered her with a talent agency, making it simple for scouts to locate her. At age six, Karabo won her first commercial appearance in an advertisement for Oreo. As she instructed her father on the proper way to eat an Oreo cookie, a critic on a U.S. website dubbed the commercial the cutest kid advertisement ever.

After the campaign, Karabo began to gain recognition in the entertainment world, and she began to receive offers for roles. Karabo was cast in the films Abomama, aYeye, Imposter, and Bone of my bones, among others. According to rumors, the majority of the actress’s R800,000 net worth comes from her acting employment.