You’ll be surprised to see Lerumo’s wife in real life

Mzansi is taken aback by the appearance of Tshepo Mosese’s wife. For mzansi, the revelation that it’s actually his wife comes as a shock. Even if the information was available, nobody knew his wife as well as he did.

Actor Tshepo Mosese, better known as Lerumo on Scandal and Howza, married another actress, Salamina Mosese.

The Life of Tshepo

Tshepo Howard Mosese is his birth name.

Date of Birth: July 19th, 1983

Location: in Diepkloof, Johannesburg

Kwaito is a subgenre of hip hop.

Salamina Mosese, Husband

Rapper, songwriter, and actor by trade

Tshepo, in real life, is a really kind and gentle soul who takes great pride in being a doting husband. Tru love does exist, as demonstrated by Tshepo and Salamina, and it is especially meaningful to people who work in the entertainment industry together. They first crossed paths on an old episode of Backstage, a local soap opera.

The public doesn’t know much about them, but they have an older daughter named Tumelo Mosese.

The couple was given an I Do award for best couple of the year to celebrate their success and inspire other married couples. Even more stunning than the medal itself was the outpouring of support they got.

Wikipedia’s entry on Salamina

The 19th of June, 1983


Work: Actress, model, and TV host/hostess

Zebediela, Limpopo, is the birthplace.

Name of Spouse’s Spouse: Tshepo Mosese

Two kids

The surprising thing about Salamina is that she fell into acting when she accompanied her brother to an audition. She eventually got the part and has continued acting successfully to the present day.

Given that Salamina also elected not to reveal her first child’s face to the media, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her second child will also remain faceless. Only the child’s back is ever shown on social media, and he or she has already outgrown their infant clothes.