You will no longer see him as an actor, here is why

By Nhlanhla Maseko

Many might have expected to see Israel Matseke back on television screens especially after his announcement that he was getting better following a condition that he was suffering from.

Israel Matseke Zulu is a South African media personality known for being an actor, singer, dancer and more. He is popular for being one of the best in the entertainment industry who did well in the viewers at all times. Matseke had some challenges growing up as he was involved in criminal activities. However, he joined the entertainment industry and created a name for himself regardless of his past. He is popular known from Mzansi shows such as Gazlam, iNumber number, Isibaya and more.

Israel was playing the role of Don on Gomora when he was hit by a disease which affected his legs leaving him on a wheel chair. He was forced to put a pause on his character but viewers will not see him anytime soon as an actor as he is focusing on something else for now.




Israel Matseke recently revealed that they will not see him as an actor anytime soon but as a musician who will soon release an album.

In revealing, he said “I am working on something else now. Gomora is a question mark for me because I don’t know what will happen to my character. For now, I am focusing on music and I can’t talk about acting yet”.

“I am here to release the sounds we always loved. I am one of Kwaito musicians who are still alive and I should play my part in preserving the sounds of Kwaito. In all the years i didn’t release music. It was not because i was lazy. I pushed but the musical journey is hard”, Matseke added.

It was good to see Israel on television screens. He knew what he was doing at all times and was loved by many for his talent and personality on screens. It is so sad that he will not be seen for now but atleast his condition did not put a pause in everything that he does which is entertaining the public. It is a good thing that regardless of the difficulties, he is able to make music and will be able to put food on the table.

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